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Meet Tatiana

Lightworker + Spiritual Teacher

Tatiana "Phoenix" Sakurai is a masterful facilitator with two decades of self healing and self realization work under her belt plus 13 years of focused professional experience in training, practicing, and teaching the techniques she has used to heal herself and help her clients and students heal.

Tatiana has personally overcome many years of childhood trauma from surviving ritual abuse, rape, and torture. She has worked through and healed the toxic shame she felt from experiencing sexual abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, and drug addiction throughout her teens and 20s.


She not only has a broad knowledge of healing modalities and a talent for teaching them to others, she also embodies a profound wisdom that comes from actually living the practices she teaches and successfully doing the deep work she shares with others.

Her passion and purpose is to help raise the consciousness of humanity, heal the trauma from our past, and rekindle our sacred imaginations to create a world in alignment with Divine Truth and liberation for all beings.


What Is Lightwork?

Here are some typical things you may experience in a lightwork session with Tatiana

Morning Mist Over Trees

Commune with your body and spirit through guided meditational processes and somatic awareness.

Attachment Release

Release entities, soul contracts, binding agreements, implants, trapped emotions, and energetic cords.


Learn how to keep your energy fields, chakras, channels, mind, and emotions clear and balanced.

Trauma Recovery

Be held in a sacred space that allows for learning the tools and trusting yourself to release deeply held wounds and toxic shame stemming from old trauma and coping mechanisms.


Become aware of and clear limiting beliefs and programs to embody your true power and purpose.

Self Mastery

Get spiritual awareness and simple techniques for self realization practices that actually work.


“Tatiana Sakurai is a gifted lightworker who is not afraid of embracing the shadow realm as well. Her generous spirit inspires her to be in service to others regardless of circumstance. Whether you are meeting with her for a private healing session or taking a class, she offers a wealth of understanding, compassion, and wisdom. She has the ability to access ancient tools and applies them effortlessly to present needs. Tatiana is a rare gem among modern lightworkers.”

- K.E.

Lightwork Sessions

Personal Energy Report

A personal energy report from Tatiana includes a reading and suggestions of lightwork tools that would benefit your specific situation.

Spiritual Coaching for Lightworkers
Sandy Beach

Access discounted rates by getting a weekly subscription. Contact Tatiana for availability.

Lightwork Sessions
Zen Stones

Tatiana's classic session work includes spiritual counsel, energy clearings, and ongoing coaching for application of lightwork tools in daily life.

Land + Space Clearing

Tatiana's powerful and permanent clearing process for homes, offices, and/or properties works with the realms of Nature for deep restoration and healing.

Start with a free consultation.

Astro-Lightwork Session

Tatiana teams up with astrologer and partner DK Brainard to deliver a game-changing combo of astrological reading, lightwork and coaching.

Start with an email consultation to learn more.

Private Lightworker Training Lessons
Field of Flowers

Don't want to wait for a class to come around? Tatiana offers Lightworker Training through private lessons year-round. Start by booking a Lightwork Session today.


Special Services

Group Events

Tatiana facilitates empowering (and fun!) classes, experiences, and trainings for groups, retreats, companies, families, or individuals both in-person and remotely.

Start with a free consultation.

Lightworker Training + Resources


Lightworker Training starts with a 8-week course to give you a solid foundation of powerful tools from Tatiana's practice.


Tatiana offers drop-in lightworkshops + resources for lightworkers through Cosmic Fire, a spiritual creativity project.


Learn the foundational practices of Tatiana's lightwork toolkit with the Lightworker Training book.

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